The first Conference

The first Conference of the Bulgarian chapter of IHSS was held in Borovetz, Sofia region, 11-12 May, 2000.

The papers presented were related to:

  • Characterisation of HS from coal, water and sediments;
  • Bulgarian contribution to HS research;
  • HS in soil classification and land evaluation;
  • Development and utilization of organic and organo-mineral media for plant growth;
  • Changes in C, N and HS after different tillage systems, long-term fertilization and application of sewage sludges;
  • HS formation during decomposition processes of plant residues and humification processes of low molecular weight organic compounds;
  • OM (OM) and the initial process of soil formation in reclaimed lands.

The Conference was jointly organized by the Bulgarian Tillage Society. There were about seventy participants; forty of them members of BHSS. During this Conference an overview of the research on humic substances in Bulgaria was made by Krastanov (2000). As many as 52 papers (34 of members of BHSS) were presented at the first Conference.