The third national conference

The third national conference

The third Conference with international participation was held on 12-16 September, 2011, in Sofia and was dedicated to the studies on:

  • Characterization and properties of humus substances in soils and coal, their biologic and therapeutic effect and methods for determination;
  • OM status of soils, the intensity of humus formation processes and possibilities for improving the carbon balance in soils;
  • Composting;
  • Humus degradation, including anthropogenic loss of humus, monitoring of critical areas;
  • study on Technosols – OM supply in reclaimed Technosols in Bulgaria, organic carbon pools in reclaimed Technosols from Chukurovo mine region, technologies for reclamation of coal mining disturbed lands in Mini Maritza Iztok region, heavy metals in the OM fractions without humus application (Etov, Slavova, 2011; Tsolova et al., 2011a, 2011b; Hristova et al., 2011);
  • Composting and utilization of the composts (Beloev et al., 2011a, 2011b; Petkova et al., 2011);
  • Evaluation of the soil humus content cultivation of different crops (Krasteva, 2011), and spatial variability of soil OM in monitoring network on acidic soils (Koutev, Katsarova, 2011).

In this conference interesting researches on ‘Industrial humus substances – properties, technology and utilization’, were presented by Atanassova, (2011); Valchinkova, (2011); Nankova, Nankov (2011); Pachev et al., (2011); Savov et al., (2011). Of special concern were results on humus substances utilization.

New data on lipids compositions in soils and lignites humic matter were presented by members of BHSS (Atanassova et al., 2011; Stefanova et al., 2011) and subsequently published in the 3rd Conference of BHSS Proceedings.

During the conference a Scientific Trip to Dobroudzha Agricultural Institute in the town of General Toshevo was organized.

There the main sponsor of the meeting – company ROMB (Research Organization and Managing of BioProducts) demonstrated an industrial method for preparation of enriched lignite humic acids suitable for application in agriculture, floriculture as well as for bioremediation of contaminated soils with heavy metals and Mine Industry waste.