assoc. prof. dr. Angelina Daskalova

Position: Univ. Architecture
Phone: (+359 2) 9 635 245 /711

Office : Univ. Architecture, Civil Eng.& Geodesy, 1, “H. Smirnenski” Bld. 1046 Sofia, Bulgaria

Honorary member:

prof. dr. Slaveiko Krastanov




prof. dr. Slaveiko Krastanov

Position: 11.02.1926-26.03.2010

Born: 1926.02.11; Sofia-Dobroslavtzy

Education: Sofia University Kliment Ochridski, Faculty of agronomy, 1949

Degrees: Doctor 1968 USSR Moskow University; 1979 Research professor Soil research institute Poushkarov

Key research topics: Soil organic matter, Soil classification and cartography, evaluation of soil productivity potential, Soil ecology.


  • 5 months – Soil institute Docuchaev, Moscow, Russa
  • 2 months – Moscow universiti Lomonosov
  • 6 months – University of Illinois USA

Teaching Experience: 1980-1983 Honorary lecturer

Msc and phD students: 5 Msc students; 5 phD students

Administrative responsibilities:

  • 1974-1976 – Head of Dеpartment “Soil genesis and classification” ISS Poushkarov
  • 1977-1979 – Manager of project FAO NO 0503-05-01 „Agricultural Lands as a source of pollutants of the Mediterranean” and project FAO/UNEP “Development of an International Programme on Biological

Nitrogen Fixation” to the HQ of FAO – Rome

  • 1980-1983 – Head of Department “Soil genesis and classification” Institute Poushcarov
  • 1980-1983 – Leader of international project FP 1106-81-03 (PP-2212) “Impact of land use on mountainous ecosystems” (Preliminary faze).
  • 1986-1987 – Leader of project “Establishment of monitoring of forest ecosystems in Bulgaria” Forest institute BAS.

Membership of Scientific Councils:

  • 1980-1983 – Institute “N. Poushkarov”
  • 1983-1987 – Forest institute, BAS
  • 1987-1992 – Research Center of Ecology to the Comity of environment

Membership of Professional Societies: National Society of Soil Science, Bulgarian Humic Substances Society – Honorary member, International Union of Soil Science (IUSS), International Humic Substances Society (IHSS).

Communication Languages: English-good; Russian-good, French-slight

Publications: 204

Selected papers:

  1. Krastanov S. Filcheva E. Rousseva s. Raichev T, Dimitrov I. Pachev I. 2003. Tendencies and Perspectives of the Research on Humic Substances, J. of “Ecology and Future, v II № 3-4, 11-17.
  2. Krastanov S.1977 Characteristic of organic matter of the main soil types of North Bulgaria. In „Organic matter of virgin and arable soils”. Academy of Science, Soviet Union, Nauka.
  3. Krastanov S. Ciric M. Hamza M. 1977. Agricultural lands as a source of pollutants of the Meriterranean FAO document № 0503-76-01 Ed. Hauck W. p 67. Rome.
  4. Krastanov S. at al, 1975. Surface Water-Logiging Soils in Bulgaria, (book) p 160 Bulgarian Academy of Science.
  5. Krastanov S.1972. Soil Organic Matter and Soil Fertility. (book) Agrarian Academy p 98.
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  8. Krastanov S., Iv. Atanasov,1968, Application the BET method in the study the soil organic matter J. of “Comptes Rendus de l`academie de Sciences Agricoles en Bulgarie № 3. Sofia.
  9. Krastanov S. at al, Soil map of Bulgaria-1:400 000, 1968. Bulgarian Academy of Science (BAS).
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