The 19th Meeting of the International Humic Substances Society

The 19th Meeting of the International Humic Substances Society

The 19th Meeting of the International Humic Substances Society was successfully held in Albena resort, Bulgaria from September 16 to 21, 2018. As chairperson of the IHSS19 Conference, I thank all participants’. 178 persons from 30 countries: 154 foreigners (13 accompanying persons) and 24 Bulgarians took part at the Conference. This meeting was held under the patronage of Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, Bulgaria.

The IHSS19 was focused on the main title “Humic substances and their contribution to the climate change mitigation”. It provided a forum for presentation and discussion of current and emerging science in all field of humic substances and its application to various fields. Bulgarian Humic Substances Society hosted the IHSS19. The IHSS19 was organized by a local organizing committee (including members of the Bulgarian Humic Substances Society (BHSS) and members of different Institutions. There are 147 articles in the Book of Abstracts, including 1 plenary talk, 6 invited keynote lectures, delivered by the distinguished scientists in the field of humic substances and 40 oral presentations, including two special sessions for 16 students (Travel Support Awards and Malcolm Award) from 22 students in total, and two young scientists. 86 posters were organized in two poster sessions. Young scientists have presented their 16-awarded studies in two oral and one-poster sessions. Part of the full papers is published in the journal of Silva Balcanica 20(Special issue 1), ISSN 131 1-8706.

During the meeting all participants have possibilities for contacts, to discuss future collaborations and to continue our efforts for fruitful development of humic science study.

 The participants are from 30 countries in 5 continents Australia  – 5; Austria – 1; Belgium – 1; Brazil  – 15; Bulgaria – 24; Canada  – 1; China – 8; Czech Republic  – 5; Estonia – 1; Finland – 1; France – 3; Germany  – 8; Greece – 2; Hungary – 2; Ireland – 1; Italy  – 9; Israel  – 2; Japan  – 10; Norway  – 2; Poland  – 12; Korea  – 3; Latvia – 1; Russia  – 20; Slovakia  – 2; Spain  – 11; Sweden – 3; Turkey – 1; UK – 1; Ukraine  -3; USA – 17


  • Environmental Chemistry – Dynamics – Role of Humic Substances and Natural Organic Matter; Chemical patterns of Humic Substances and Natural OM in diverse environments Prof. Irina Perminova, Russia.
  • Water Quality – Drinking Water – Surface Waters; Ecology and biogeochemistry of dissolved organic matter in inland waters, Lars Travnik, Sweden.
  • Biotic Interactions – Toxicity – Role of Humic Substances and Natural Organic Matter Biotic Interactions and the Humic Substances in the pedosphere Prof. Yakov Kuzyakov, Germany.
  • Soil Physical Chemistry – Soil Fertility; Soil Health Management and HS Role in the Climate Change Mitigation” Prof. T. Miano, Italy.  
  • Humic based technologies – Crop production; Can humic products substantially improve ecosystem quality and economic yield? Prof. Daniel Olk, USA.
  • INV BHSS: Humic Substances – Versatile Natural Products: Properties & Applications, Prof. Ahmet Tutar, Turkey

SPONSORS: IHSS, Bulgarian Humic Substances Society (BHSS), Balkan Plant Science; ROMB; Agrospektar Ltd; Alekseevi brothers, National Association of Grain Producers; Grain Producers Association 2006; Dobrudzha Agricultural Institute – General Toshevo, Institute of Soil Science, Agrotechnology and Plant Protection, Institute of Viticulture and Enology, Pleven, Velika Slavova-Niva 2000.

Acknowledgements to: 1. IHSS; 2. Reviewers; 3. Personally to: Assoc. Prof. Valentin Savov, Ivailo Siromahov, Assis. Prof. Konstantin Chakalov, Prof. Margarita Nankova, Maya Stefanova, Assoc. Prof. Mariana Hristova, Prof. Venera Tsolova, Assoc. Prof. Rosica Ilieva, Prof. Ivan Pachev, Prof. Toma Shishkov, Assioc. Prof., Biser Hristov, Assis. Prof. Emil Dimitrov; Congresses and Events Ltd;

They have special merits for the organization of the scientific excursion; Prof. Margarita Nankova, Dobrudzha Agricultural Institute – General Toshevo, and people without they good will won’t be possible to be realized the soil profile: Agrospektar Ltd., Soil Scientists Prof. Toma Shishkov, Assis. Prof. Emil Dimitrov, and colleagues, included in the analysis and characteristics of from the laboratory of agro-physical analysis and agrochemical characteristics, Dobrudzha Agricultural Institute – General Toshevo and Pavlina Nikolova, Assoc. Prof. Mariana Hristowa and Assoc. Prof. Milena Kercheva, Institute of Soil Science, Agrotechnology and Plant Protection”N. Poushkarov”.